We are changing the way money works.

Extracoin is much more than just a cryptocurrency

it is the vision of an alternative and community-driven monetary system designed to simplify and enhance and improve daily economic activities.

EXC - The first independent ecosystem

We intend to create a monetary system to be used spontaneously and simply in various usual economic activities.


At Extracoin, our mission is to create an innovative and inclusive financial ecosystem designed to empower both individuals and businesses.


We believe that everyone should have access to a financial system that is affordable, transparent and user-friendly.


With Extracoin, we are committed to making this vision a global reality.


What sets us apart is our people-centric approach.


Our smart contract is developed on the Binance Network (BSC – Binance Smart Chain). BEP20 protocol and fully auditable and transparent in all transactions.


Our token has been developed with simplicity and accessibility in mind, making it easy to use in all aspects of life, from daily transactions to commercial ventures.

Buy on Cryptosmart

We enter a new era of Extracoin, we are happy to announce our next listing on Cryptosmart. Right now you can purchase EXC within the Cryptosmart launchpad at a fantastic price.

Behind Extracoin, there is cutting-edge technology that ensures secure and efficient transactions.

We utilize the latest innovations in blockchain and encryption to guarantee the integrity and privacy of your transactions.
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Andrea Sabbatini

CEO - Founder

Carlos Machado

Marketing - blockchain advisor

Anderson Cavalcanti


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La moneta digitale è già il nostro presente
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The acquisition of tokens involves various risks. There will be no guarantee that token users will be able to receive a refund of their capital or any positive return on their purchase of tokens. Before buying into tokens, potential buyers should carefully consider the explanation and facts of the project, which, although not providing an exhaustive list or explanation of all possible project outcomes, can be used as a source of information but should not be the sole factor in decision-making.

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